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The Standard for the Industry

Beginning with our original unit which was patented in 1905, the drip system has been the backbone of our business for over 100 years because it counteracts odors directly at their source, the urinals and toilets. The AeroWest System automatically dispenses fluids into the urinal and commode killing odors at their source and providing a light, pleasant fragrance throughout the restroom.

Because AeroWest maintains an even, pleasant fragrance level, restroom users are neither overpowered by too much “perfumed” air nor overwhelmed by unpleasant odors. The fragrance flows from the evaporation of the fluid from the toilet, urinal, and the dispenser.

The louvers in the top and bottom of the dispenser encourage the flow of air in an upward direction through the dispenser and across a wick saturated with the fluid. This airflow picks up a light fragrance from the fluid that circulates throughout the restroom.

Available in: cherry, citrus mint, springtime, super floral (special), tradewinds, orange burst, myrlot, and sandlewood.


Making Your Rest Rooms Your Best Rooms