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Available in White or Chrome


State-of-the-Art Odor System that Provides a Light Pleasant Fragrance

Odo-San is small, attractive and automatically dispenses the Odo-San fluids, 24 hours a day, into the flush water or directly into the urinal and toilet. The fluid cleans, counteracts bad odors, prevents scale formation, provides a light fragrance in the restroom and helps keep the fixtures sanitary.

The Odo-San louvers in the top and bottom of the dispenser encourage the flow of air in an upward direction through the dispenser and across a wick saturated with the fluid. This airflow picks up a light fragrance from the fluid that circulates throughout the restroom.

• Kills bad odors at their source
• Saves time and money
• Works 24 hours a day
• No batteries or electronics
• Dispensers serviced monthly
• Eliminates inventory

Available in: cherry, floral, citrus mint, tradewinds, myrlot and sandlewood.


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