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FOAMING HAND SOAP                              
A Trace of Lavender

West’s dependable hands-free automatic soap dispenser will greatly enhance the appearance of any restroom. Soft bursts of light weight foam gently wash away dirt and germs. Our Foaming Soap hand cleanser has just a trace of lavender and leaves the hands feeling great.

Your West service representative will install and maintain your dispenser at no charge and return every 28 days to refill it. The customer never pays for the dispenser, or the installation, only a small service fee.

You will have less labor and inventory cost, and have more time for other work while providing staff and customers with a top of the line hand soap system.

It is one thing to have hand-sanitizer dispensers at all locations in a building where the availability of hand sanitizing is desired. However, they are not effective if they do not work or run out of fluid. This is where West can help by providing a full service hand sanitizing program, or your West service representative will fill and maintain the present system, saving maintenance labor, and providing the peace of mind that your West professional service representative is taking care of the system. The hand sanitizer dispensers are serviced every 28 days.

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