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The only product in the current market which can virtually eliminate urine splashback while still providing a pleasant aroma in the surrounding bathroom space. By having our urinal screens in your urinal, you will reduce the number of customer complaints about bathroom quality and lower overall cost of operation.

West’s urinal screens are made of tough, stain-resistant vinyl plastic and last much longer than traditional urinal screens. Our urinal screens are encapsulated with a deodorant that helps keep the urinal sanitary and kills unwanted odors. Economical, effective, and attractive, the translucent tinted screen is designed to reduce splash-back with superior fragrance and odor control. Also eliminates drain clogging caused by chewing gum, cigarettes and paper products thrown into the urinal.

Our urinal screens are an ecologically responsible choice and have a smaller carbon foot print than the shorter life span screens giving your customers a dignified public bathroom experience for the first time ever. West's urinal screens are based on patent-pending technology that:

  • Uses sealed bristles to eliminate urine backsplash in a urinal.
  • Is infused with a proprietary resin that uses timed release deodorant technology.
  • Lasts twice as long as other screens on the market.
  • Emits a fresh, clean scent.
  • Was designed for heavily trafficked public restrooms, such as those found in hotels, convention centers, restaurants and hospitals.
  • Perfect for waterless urinals (the perfect companian for our Waterless Urinal Retrofit Valve).

West's urinal screen replacement service eliminates drain clogging caused by chewing gum, cigarettes, and paper products. West's franchisees replace the urinal screens in your facility every 28 days with a new screen that is impregnated with a deodorant helping to keep the bathrooms fresh and clean smelling.

Urinal screens are available in: cherry, tradewinds, super floral (special), myrlot, and citrus mint.


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