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Continually Dispersing Fresh Fragrance

Wiseair is designed to freshen the air where "green" products are mandated. A customer may want a stronger fragrance or they may need air fresheners to overcome local odor problems found in such areas as elevators, hallways, locker rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc.

Unlike most air fresheners that start with a heavy fragrance and rapidly lose their effectiveness after fourteen days, Wiseair provides a consistent fragrance level giving your rooms a fresh fragrance every second of the day.

An air freshener is needed for some odor control situations where the toilets and urinals are not the problem. The Wiseair system is designed to meet these needs and where "green" products are mandated. The Wiseair dispensers are serviced every 28 days by your West service rep.

Available in: cherry, tradewinds, superfloral (special), berry, orange burst, myrlot, sandlewood and citrus mint.



Breakthrough Technology In Indoor Air Quality