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In the late 1800's, West, known then as West Disinfecting Company, designed a deodorizing appliance that pioneered the way to the removal of unpleasant odors in washroom areas. At about the same time, the need of supplement routine janitorial washroom maintenance with a regularly scheduled cleaning and sanitizing procedure became apparent. Shortly thereafter, West began its bowl cleaning service as a means of providing  a higher level of sanitation in washrooms. Through the use of both a West bowl cleaner and a West disinfectant, the trained West serviceman was able to thoroughly clean and completely disinfect washroom fixtures. As the bowl cleaning service grew, so  did the  development of new products, which are all a vital part of today's West Industries. Through years of professional experience and technical know-how, West was able to meet the challenge of leadership in the field of environmental deodorizing services.

Later, West Sanitation was started as an offshoot of West Chemical Products, Inc. in the early 1980's. The odor-control services division started developing franchises for restroom odor control. Since then, West Sanitation sold restroom odor control franchises across the United States and worked diligently at developing International Distributorships for its restroom product line. As the product line grew beyond the restroom into hallways, elevators, lobbies, kitchens, and conference rooms, West Sanitation has evolved again as West Industries in 2014. West Industries has been instrumental in expanding the odor control business throughout the world.


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