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The West Drain Treatment System is revolutionary in its technology and application and is the solution to help eliminate grease, odors & insects from industrial or commercial floor drains. This two step system combines our one way valve with your choice of three drain fluids keeping it clean and reducing overall maintenance costs.

The one way valve eliminates odors from sewer gases and its strong silicon diaphragms impede backflow. This valve blocks insects like fruit flies from entering through drains thus eliminating one of their most common breeding grounds. The valve comes in multiple sizes and does not alter the appearance or the performance of the drain.

WHY A WEST DRAIN VALVE SYSTEM? It’s All About the Service. We supply the drain treatment fluid on each visit so there is nothing to buy or store. Just think, no more smells, no more annoying fruit flies buzzing around just when the Health Inspector is due to arrive. This will help give your facility “A Clean Bill of Health”.

WHAT DOES IT COST? For a one time retrofit fee of $25.00, a West service technician will remove the existing grate, install the valve, treat the drain, and check the flow rate. For as little as $9.95 per month, your drains are checked and cleaned on a monthly basis which reduces your total maintenance costs.

Our uFresh Drain Fluid blocks insects and odors and can be used where an environmentally friendly option is needed.



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