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The Most Complete Hygienic Solution for Waterless Urinals

Why waste money and put up with smelly waterless urinals? The wurv is both economical and eco-friendly. It uses a patented sealing system that prevents residual bad odors and sewer gas from escaping into restrooms. Do you have this problem? Do you have to insert expensive cartridges every 2 weeks or more to try to fix it?

How about letting West fix the problem for you, permanently? Your West representative will install the wurv and service it every 28 days.

The wurv is the only replacement cartridge that eliminates the bad odors associated with waterless urinals and also allows complete and thorough cleaning of the urinal with any cleaner and water. There is no gel seal that can be compromised so increased hygiene can be achieved.

West can solve your smelly waterless urinal problem with our wurv retrofit valve and services. Call us to make an appointment to install a free wurv test at your location.



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