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Government facilities receive the right products, systems, and service to provide a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. West’s quality chemical formulations and innovative dispensing systems assist in safely achieving the environmental results you need - while protecting your employees.

With West, government facilities receive the right products and service to help keep their facilities odor free. West's quality chemical formulations, unique packaging designs and innovative dispensing systems are used to assist in safely achieving the environmental results you need.

West offers sustainable solutions for government facilities. Many of our deodorizing products are offered under GSA contract, and we also offer DfE green products under the EPA Program. Maintaining great smelling restrooms is critical to keeping your building occupants happy. Our restroom care programs help you achieve customer satisfaction with odor control, hands free fixtures, green odor control programs.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of your facility, promoting guest/tenant satisfaction, worker satisfaction and productivity.

Breakthrough Technology In Indoor Air Quality