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A large part of West Industries's business is in the distribution of its products outside of the United States. West considers its International Distributors a big part of its future growth strategy as well as a key contributor to its success in the past.

There are many countries and international markets open to new distributors with a company or operation that either has an existing facilities service business, i.e. pest control, restroom, janitorial, textile rental or other service for facilities maintenance or is committed to start a service of this nature.

West Industries provides all of the know-how, products and training materials to enable a new distributor to successfully enter this highly profitable service business with quality and price advantages over such companies as Rentokil, Rochester Midland, PHS, CWS etc. With low start-up costs and enormous market potential, (every multi-restroom facility is a potential customer!) and with automatic repeat business built into the system, it is hard not to be successful and profitable in this business.

    • AeroWest and Odo-San Dispensers can be private labeled for major distributors.
    • Odo-San Systems are supplied with in-line systems to fit most pipe diameters and fixture installations.
    • AeroWest and Odo-San systems can be dispensed directly into toilet bowls and urinals without having to drill into the plumbing.
    • All Odo-San and AeroWest Fluids are supplied in a highly concentrated form for local dilution, reducing shipping and handling costs.
    • Visual training aids, instruction manuals, literature (some already translated into other languages) and personal visits by West personnel all help the new Distributor to be quickly successful.
    • After 9-12 months of a new distributorship, favorable payment terms can be negotiated. Initially, orders will be prepaid or shipped under a letter of credit.


    West is currently offering international distribution in some key global markets.   International distribution is a big part of its future growth strategy. For more information on becoming an International Distributor, please click here to have an International specialist contact you.

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